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For decades, children have been big business–the source for buying toys, games, clothes and now lots of high-tech goodies.  Marketers have tried to treat kids as young adults–unleashing an array of ad campaigns designed to get them to buy or “pester” their parents.  Media companies and marketers, for the most part, have opposed regulatory safeguards that would protect young people from such unfettered advertising (kids TV is a great example).  It comes as no surprise to anyone that one reason media and marketing companies want unfettered access to influence kids, especially on digital platforms such as mobile, are the financial rewards.  Last month, Digitas, part of the global ad giant Publicis, published a report (attached) which reveals that “Today’s little kids and tweens having buying power to the tune of $1.2 trillion per year.” 

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Once your kids know how much they can earn, they might like to think about how they plan to use their money by setting savings goals and creating wish lists of items they’d like to save up for.

By setting goals kids learn how much time and effort is needed to achieve it. They appreciate the value of that time and effort and the value of the money they earn in return for it.

Create wish lists in seconds and set realistic savings goals that help your kids reap the rewards of all their hard work.