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Imagine how your daughter would feel if she was given less pocket money than your son? To mark International Women’s Day today and it’s theme of pay parity, we asked kids how they would feel. Watch their response and let’s change things for a more ‪#‎equalfuture‬

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Kiddy Credits virtual bank account (we like to call it the Bank of Mum and Dad) mimics that of a real one, with real consequences.

Just like in the real world, your kids can manage their money. Transfer between accounts, spend and heaven forbid even save.

Also just like in the real world, they can make real mistakes with real money that they really earned. But because it is in a controlled environment they get all the benefit of the learning experience without ending up in financial ruin.

Little Johnny can learn a valuable lesson from seeing his sister Suzy buy an iPod touch when all his money has been blown on lollies and junk. And it’s got nothing to do with going to the Dentist!

“The Commonwealth Bank recently released a survey on pocket money; apparently it’s worth $1.4 billion each year!

They surveyed 1,023 parents of a child/children aged 4 – 15 years and found the following:

  • Almost 80 per cent of parents pay pocket money, with the average starting age at just over six years old.
  • Younger children save more of their pocket money than older children.
  • The most common chores for earning pocket money are tidying the bedroom and washing dishes.
  • Children are most likely to spend their money on food, snacks and lollies.

Read the full article here Kids and pocket money | Canstar.

Justine Davies on 28/02/2013

Kiddy Credits is currently working with some of Australia’s leading banks to bring you the Kiddy Credits Card, a debit card linked to a high interest bearing account, managed right from the Kiddy Credits console.