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Make cents of money management

No-one dreams of their kid growing up to go on Welfare, right! So why as parents do we hand out money to our kids or buy things for them without first making them earn it.

I’m not talking about cracking a whip and forcing them into slave labour.  I’m talking about real reward, for real behaviours that you determine and it doesn’t need to be difficult or even time consuming.

Kiddy Credits helps you teach your kids the basic principles of money management in a fun, interactive environment.  What’s more, making “cents” ...

Earn Manage Value

Money doesn’t grow on trees

In order for kids to learn how to manage and value money, they need to have some. However, money doesn’t grow on trees so the first lesson they are taught through Kiddy Credits is that money must be earned.

It is well known that when somebody is given something for nothing they don’t appreciate it as much as if they had earned it themselves. In fact, experts compare giving kids an allowance for doing nothing to adults being on welfare.

Kiddy Credits ties the performance of chores to the payment of pocket ...

Pocket money

It’s pay day!

You wouldn’t like it if one week you were paid and the next you were not. How would you plan for the future, pay your bills or god forbid SAVE.

By taking the hard work out of managing the payment of pocket money, Kiddy Credits makes it easy and quick to ensure that your kids remain interested, and you remain consistent.

After all, learning that money must be earned is only part of the equation.  In order for them to learn how to manage and value it, the payment of that money ...

Parents home

When you wish…..

Once your kids know how much they can earn, they might like to think about how they plan to use their money by setting savings goals and creating wish lists of items they’d like to save up for.

By setting goals kids learn how much time and effort is needed to achieve it. They appreciate the value of that time and effort and the value of the money they earn in return for it.

Create wish lists in seconds and set realistic savings goals that help your kids reap the rewards of ...

Wish List

Customise your dashboard to reach for the stars

Kiddy Credits is continually rolling out new features in line with the Financial Literacy Framework to ensure your kids are exposed to real learning experiences with real money. Age appropriate features can be added and removed to customise a dashboard that is as unique as your child.  Once they’ve got a grasp of the basic principles, the sky’s the limit and we are here to help your kids reach for the stars!


The bank of Mum and Dad

Kiddy Credits virtual bank account (we like to call it the Bank of Mum and Dad) mimics that of a real one, with real consequences.

Just like in the real world, your kids can manage their money. Transfer between accounts, spend and heaven forbid even save.

Also just like in the real world, they can make real mistakes with real money that they really earned. But because it is in a controlled environment they get all the benefit of the learning experience without ending up in financial ruin.

Little Johnny can learn a ...

Bank Accont

What a chore

Customising chore charts is a snap. Simply click and drag from the list of chores to create your child’s weekly chore chart! There is a wide selection of chores, tasks and behaviors for you to choose from. Can’t find the task you are looking for? No worries, you can quickly add it. As the chores are completed you or your child can mark them off, to help reach their weekly pocket money goal.  Remember, if chores aren’t your things you can reward for behaviour, school work or accomplishment.  But remember, ...

Chore Chart

One click Facebook registration

We know Mums and Dads have better things to do with their time which is why we give you a simple one step registration so you can spend more time setting up you kids and their chore charts!


Get on the bank wagon

Kiddy Credits is currently working with some of Australia’s leading banks to bring you the Kiddy Credits Card, a debit card linked to a high interest bearing account, managed right from the Kiddy Credits console.

Kiddy Credits Card