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Mar 9

ANZ looks to Pocket Money for #IWD2016 #PledgeForParity

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Imagine how your daughter would feel if she was given less pocket money than your son? To mark International Women’s Day today and it’s theme of pay parity, we asked kids how they would feel. Watch their response and let’s change things for a more ‪#‎equalfuture‬ @ANZ_AU  #IWD2016 #PledgeForParity

Mar 26

Kids spending and influencing power: $1.2 Trillion says leading ad firm


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For decades, children have been big business–the source for buying toys, games, clothes and now lots of high-tech goodies.  Marketers have tried to treat kids as young adults–unleashing an array of ad campaigns designed to get them to buy or “pester” their parents.  Media companies and marketers, for the most part, have opposed regulatory safeguards [...]

Mar 25

Don’t bother teaching kids financial literacy


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THOSE who advocate teaching personal finance to children in primary schools envision adults in the future who are able to budget, understand the implications of rollover credit card debt and can sidestep complex and risky investment products. Professor Emeritus Lewis Mandell, who has researched financial literacy issues in the last 15 years, is quick to [...]